Top 10 unusual uses of vinegar

White vinegar actually has lots of other uses than just as a condiment. Here are some of its unusual, thrifty ones...

Hair conditioner 

-Did you know just half a tablespoon of vinegar added to a single cup of water makes for a great hair rinse? Yes, your hair may smell for a while, but it's worth it. 

Wrinkle remover 

-If you don't have an iron at hand and your clothes are crumpled, just spray them with a solution of vinegar and water. 

Floor and fridge cleaner 

-Half a solution of water and white vinegar is a handy cleaner for the floor (as long its not marble or granite), fridge and shelves in your kitchen. It can effectively eliminate food smells from the refrigerator. 

Stain remover 

-To get rid of nasty sweat stains, just add some vinegar to a spray can and spray it on before washing. The stain will disappear. 

Fabric softener 

-To soften your laundry, take a dispenser and fill it with a little white vinegar. Add it to the machine during a final rinse. It also removes soap residue. 

Keep flowers fresh 

-To stop cut flowers from wilting quickly, just add a tablespoon of white vinegar into the water in the vase. It helps the flowers stay fresh longer. 

Holds eggs together 

-Try adding some vinegar to the poaching water for your eggs. This stops whites from dispersing and makes them firmer. 

Hiccup cure 

-While doctors won't vouch for this, vinegar is regarded as a handy cure for hiccups. It's said that a person should swallow a teaspoon of it to stop persistent hiccups. 

Odour eliminator 

-If you have burned some food, you can remove the odour by placing a bowl with about three-quarters of white vinegar mixed with water in the room. Soon, the smell will go away.



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