Add personality to your home decor

Your home decor should define the person you are. It should reflect your interests.

A home is your most most prized and intimate space. But does it reflect the person you are?

Are you wasting your time and energy in having a decor just because it is in vogue or you just want it to be appreciated by your friends? Is it possible that a person who doesn't really know you walks into your home and get a feel of who exactly you are as an individual and what are your tastes? It's time to bring that touch of your personality to your decor.

There's a thumb rule: Just like your wardrobe, your decor should reflect personal style. So, if you are a cinephile, then you can source those lovely film posters to add a unique decor to your home. Similarly if you are a person who loves entertaining friends and having a party in a relaxed way then your home should reflect this. In that case, you can have informal entertainment zone where people can put their feet up and soak in the warmth of your home.

Think what are your preferences and add pieces that reflect it. So, add rugs, floor cushions, table lamps to add your unique touch to the decor.

While buying items for your home, ask yourself, "Does this define my personality?" If it doesn't, then don't buy one. Your home is not something to flaunt, it is a just reflection of who you are as a person.



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