Steps To Regulate PH Levels Of Stomach Acid

stoamch acid
Our stomach is filled with a naturally-produced acidic liquid that activates digestive enzymes to break down the food particles and aid digestion. However, excessive stomach acid can sometimes be painful. Heartburn is the most common symptom of heartburn. Excess acid leaks into the esophagus and causes a burning sensation  near the heart.

Moreover, eating spicy food can increase stomach acid and heartburn. You need to cool your stomach and control the heartburn by eating cooling foods like yogurt and coconut water. Here are some steps to regulate the pH levels of stomach and reduce the acid.

Ways To Reduce Stomach Acid:

Your lifestyle has a major role in health conditions. Changing your lifestyle can help restore the normal stomach acid levels.

-Your eating habits needs to be considered. One of the ways to reduce stomach acid is to see if you have any eating disorder or not. Eating forcefully or not eating proper food can increase the chances of stomach acid.

-Dehydration is another major cause of stomach acid. Water neutralises the acid in stomach so drink as much water as possible.

-Difficult to digest food and acidic foods can cause stomach acid. So, make sure you eat cooling and easy to digest foods. It is one of the best ways to reduce stomach acid.

-Even spicy and salty foods can contribute to dehydration and stomach acid which in turn will lead to other stomach problems like indigestion, inflammation etc.

-Smoking and drinking alcohol increases the acid content in stomach. So, get rid of these bad habits.

-Another way to reduce stomach acid is to drink a glass of whole milk. Apart from reducing stomach heat, it also provides a cooling effect.

-Chewing the cold and refreshing mint leaves is a simple and natural way to reduce stomach acid. Mint reduces stomach acid and also helps in improving digestion.

-Be careful while eating. When you eat, do not let excess air enter the mouth. It can lead to unwanted bloating and gas. When this air is expelled through belching, it may carry excess stomach acid into the esophagus which leads to inflammation.



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