Bedroom Secrets Out! From Faking An Orgasm To Making Out In A Taxi, Men’s Health Survey Unravels Indian Men Have The Least SEX In The World

Did you just mention the old adage that Indian men think about sex every six seconds? Here’s a dampener: the average Indian man doesn’t have sex even once in a week!This ‘average’ Indian man is also shy of using sex toys, and figures in the bottom half of the lot when it comes to the number of his sex partners. He has three, compared to the 11 of a Croat, or a Greek man’s score of 9! Forty-eight per cent of men in India think their partners fake orgasms, and if kissing is their favourite activity during foreplay, Katrina Kaif tops the list of the sexiest female celebrity.

How do we know all this? From the Men’s Health Global Sex survey 2013, published in the September issue of India’s largest selling men’s lifestyle magazine. Spread across 30 countries and with a whopping 50,796 participants, it is by far the largest survey of its kind in the world.

Special: Does pre-marital sex equal marriage?

Want to know more about what happens in bedrooms from around the world? Wondering how other people’s sex lives compare to yours? Here’s a primer. The Dutch men, it seems, have the hottest sex of them all: they are the champions of camping sex! And Croats? They are public-sex pros: pools, hot tubs, fields, parks, cars any place is good enough for a romp.

Compare that to India: our women are nearly six times as likely as American women to have done the deed in a taxi! No surprises there. But the reason? Living in joint families doesn’t give us much privacy for lovemaking. Going down on their girls is the most favourite act of an Italian and ‘the Elephant’ pose of making out is what the French love the most (the Spanish love the Lotus position, by the way).

And the next time your partner accuses you of having a ‘one-track’ mind, tell her men all over the world are the same.

The survey suggests that men, across cultures, are easily aroused, have more promiscuous attitudes and value attractiveness more than women do.

Says Jamal Shaikh, editorial director of Men’s Health India: “Unlike so many other sex surveys, our poll is not informationheavy, and neither is it just about charting changing trends. We have tried to examine how men from different parts of the world are better than others in certain aspects of sex and relationships, and then tell you how to learn and improve.”

Here’s a cue for you, guys. The Netherlands is perhaps the only country where men offer more foreplay than their women want. This is your chance to learn and improve your relationship, get more sex and be a happier, more content you – both in and out of the bed.

Where to look for her?

Yes, she’s out there. And she wants to meet you. Trouble is, you don’t know where to look. Here’s where to start: While men in most countries have graduated to the Internet to meet women, in India the number is a measly 43 per cent. In fact, more than 50 per cent men meet new women through mutual friends. “India is a country where family values and tradition still hold a lot of sway,” say sociologists.

Hence, trust plays a big role. Most men and women feel that being introduced through mutual friends and family members already means that you can trust the guy or the girl. Be a man who can be trusted.

For Indian women, it is okay to date a bad boy once in a while, but most of them don’t want to live a life.

Which is the hot spot for Indian women?

Indian women are nearly six times as likely as American women to have done the deed in a taxi. That’s because the guy behind the wheel is expected to turn a blind eye. It’s a sad demonstration of the caste system, claimed the US edition of Men’s Health. But we know better. Living in joint families hasn’t given us much privacy for lovemaking. Pull It Off!

Before you grab a cab, suggest she slip off her thong in the bathroom. Taxi sex is most fun if the driver can’t totally tell something is going on – you’re trying to keep it a secret.



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