Home Remedies To Treat Dry Cough

Home Remedies To Treat Dry Cough
When you have a cough, it becomes a hassle for your throat and your chest. So, it is best for one to consume home remedies to get of the cough, rather than consuming heavy dosage of medications to relieve your uneasiness. If you want to get rid of your cough in the most natural way, you need to turn to these easy home remedies to ease the disorder.

These home remedies which have been enlisted below are readily available in your kitchen cabinet. Home remedies is safer for you to use and will also give you that instant relief. You should make a note that these home remedies might cause an irritation to one if you are allergic to an ingredient. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to each of these home remedies to treat your dry cough.

 For your dry cough, take a look at these home remedies.

These are the best natural ways to get your dry cough under control.


When you have a dry cough, the best home remedy is with water. It is water which will help soothe your aching throat. Sip on small sips of water when you begin to cough. It will gradually decrease the cough.


It is candies which will help soothe your throat. Sugar candies will bring a soothing effect in your throat and thus will get rid of your dry cough.

Herbal Tea

If you have a dry cough, sip on your favourite herbal tea. If there is any infection in your throat, the herbal tea will kill the infection.

Lemon Juice

The best home remedy to treat a dry cough is with the help of lemon. It is a lemon which contents high amounts of Vitamin C to heal your throat and get rid of the cough


To remove the irritation from your throat, ginger is the best home remedy. Ginger is a medicinal root which is good for treating dry coughs.

Apple cider vinegar

If you have any infection in your throat, one cap of apple cider vinegar will help solve the problem. Apple cider vinegar provides instant relief, so it safe for you to opt for this home remedy.


Gargling your throat with salt and water is one of the oldest home remedies in treating cough. Salt helps to soothe the throat and provide pain relief too.


Cinnamon soaked in hot water is the best home remedy in treating a dry cough. If you want to add in a pinch of salt, it will wonders too.



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