Herbal Cures For Diarrhoea: Best Home Remedies

Troubled with an upset tummy? Is it causing you a lot of embarrassment? If frequent trips to the toilet were not enough, loose motion brings with it fatigue and other troubles too. It actually becomes a major issue where you are completely unable to perform regular tasks. When you suffer from loose motion, most doctors advice you to take to bed rest to get well soon. However, there are herbal cures that can give you relief from diarrhoea, or loose motion.

What causes diarrhoea or loose motions? An imbalance in the digestive system due to the food consumed by you or in some cases ingested poisoning and growth of bacteria leads to loose motions. The main reason can be attributed to lack of fibre or deficiency of Vitamin A in your body. The body reacts to allergies, rancid nuts, foods, unripe fruits etc. causing loose motions. FOODS THAT CURE DIARRHOEA AT HOME

Your bowels remain full and need to excrete at all times. You will feel uneasy, weak, nausea and above all the need to empty bowels when you are suffering from diarrhoea. So, is medicine the only way to cure it? Well, you have natural remedies with herbs that can help cure your problem of loose motions. Here’s a list of herbs to cure loose motion. Some of this can be used in your daily dose of food too to stay away from such issues in the future.

Astringent Herbs 

This is a herbal cure for loose motions. This herbal treatment should not be given to children and should not be given without informing the doctor. Blackberry or raspberry leaf tea, slippery elm, white oak, white willow, black walnut, green tea, carob powder, bilberry extract etc. are all included in astringent herbs. These herbs consist of tannins that tighten the human tissues which retain the fluid and thus halt the loose motions. In case you are suffering from bleeding, these herbs reduce that too.

Soothing Herbs 

This list is rather short compared to astringent herbs. Chamomile, catnip and fennel tea are included in this category. They are excellent drinks which heal your issue of loose motions. During this time, make sure your meals are small but at regular intervals.

Infection Fighting Herbs 

You can treat diarrhoea using these herbs that help fight infection, thereby curing you of loose motion troubles. Something like a berberine contains barberry, Oregon grape and goldenseal making it perfect for treating diarrhoea. But, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, try avoiding these herbs! They may prove to be risky for you and the baby.

Mucilaginous Herbs 

These herbs help in releasing the toxins from the bowels and thus clearing them. They soothe the damaged parts and heal the digestive tract. The toxins cleared by this herb will not feed on the bacteria and hence cures in the healthiest way possible. Psyllium, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow etc. are all mucilaginous herbs. When consuming these herbs, make sure you have cooked them properly. Chew them well while consuming them so that they are fully effective.

Other Treatment Herbs

Isbagol is a herb that helps cure diarrhoea. Add a small amount of isbagol to mixture of water and sugar. You can even take it with lime juice, a green chilli and half teaspoon camphor to treat diarrhoea. Ginger is another way of curing loose motions. Have either ginger tea or ginger ale to cure your issue of diarrhoea. You can even consume peppermint tea to cure diarrhoea.

Of course, never consume herbs without consulting your doctor. It is always possible you might develop some allergies or, you that you may not know the right way to consume a particular herb.



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