Foods That Calm You Down

Food is to survive; it is for your body! In the modern days of life, it is normal to get stressed out with the need to handle multiple things and the way of life. There could be a number of things in your mind that could actually fray your nerves. Do you know what people do? They ultimately pop a candy or run to the refrigerator or worst of all have some hormone boosting caffeine to calm them. The food that we eat influences our body, health and living. It is essential that you take in the right food.

Certain foods that you think will calm you down may not exactly solve the purpose – they may just give you the initial rush! You may have to get along with the stress all over again! Sometimes these foods which calm you down for a while can take you to a point of peak stress and leave you in a worse condition than ever before. So remember, those cookies, or chocolates or ice creams are not going to do any good for you. If you want to know which are the foods that calm you down then keep reading! You are going to benefit from it!


Do you love oranges? Then, you will be amazed to know that it also has the property to calm you down. This is one of the healthy foods to calm nerves. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and this is something that your body needs. Vitamin C has the ability to control the levels of your blood pressure. The next time you're stressed out, just sit down and concentrate wholly on peeling an orange.

Enjoy the dark fantasy

If you are an ardent lover of chocolates, then this one is just for you! In the list of foods that calm you down, this one makes a special mark! Yes, dark chocolates are one of the foods that calm you down. The dark chocolate you love contains almost 70% antioxidants and is one of the healthy foods to calm nerves. The dark chocolate you crave for can also help treat cancer and heart disease. Want anything more to fall in love with dark chocolate all over again?

The chai magic

Our traditional Indian chai can sometimes do magic for you! It features in the category of foods that calm you down. It is the best soother of all. Warm drinks are generally among the healthy foods to calm nerves. The smell of a warm drink may help relieve stress. This is a great way, try it!


Berries are one of the foods that calm you down. Berries have the unique ability to calm down those frayed nerves. You may grab any of the berries, may it be a blueberry, raspberry or strawberry, and it can do the trick. This is one of the foods to calm nerves. You also need not worry about a blood sugar crash while you take berries. They convert carbohydrates to sugar at a much slower pace.

Go nuts

If you are looking for other foods that calm you down, then it could be nuts. Almonds which are rich in Vitamin E are said to fight stress. It is also one of the best antioxidant. Have a handful of mixed nuts when you're stressed and just feel the difference.



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