Android Device Manager App Updated, Now Offering Password Prompts

Here's some important information if you are a regular user of the Android Device Manager app. According to reports, Google has upgraded its Android Device Manager app for Android in order to add more security features.

Specifically speaking, with the new update for the same, Google has added a prompts feature that will ask for your password both at the start of the application and whenever you want to switch accounts

And while it may seem like not that big a deal and hardly of any importance to anyone, since there are no major features that the update is currently offering, the update to make you type your password again and again does make a difference in the way you might interact with the app.

Basically, with the new update in place, nobody can just pick up your phone and erase the other device that's also in your account without requiring your own personal Google-based credentials. And while that doesn't solve the issue of the second person getting up, close and personal with all your private data in this phone, at least your second device will remain safe from all the prying eyes around you.

Moreover, the new update also ensures that only you will have the ability to locate, wipe or lock your device from any remote location you want, which is quite a useful feature considering how dreadful it can be if a second device is accidentally wiped off from you sight. Apart from the the password prompt feature, as expected, Google is also offering several typical performance enhancements and bug fixes - which, of course, are not easy to track since they don't come under a feature tag.

Nonetheless, it is expected that users will get their hands on this new upgrade as soon as possible since privacy is not a matter of joke. The app, along with its update, is currently located in the Google Play Store.



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