Home Remedies To Treat Skin Burns

Skin burns are caused by sun radiations, heat and fire. They can be either minor or major burns. These burns cause swelling and reddenin ok skin damaging the skin tissues. Hence skin burns should be taken proper care as they might cause seriohs skin concerns.

There are basically three types of skin burns. First is the first degree burns, these are minor burns that cause swelling of the epidermal layer of the skin. These burns can be treated with some household remedies and are not much serious.

The other two are second degree burn and third degree burn. These cause serious tissue damage and should be treated under the supervision of a trained doctor.

In this article we will discuss some remedies for the first degree burns. These can be treated using a few household methods. Soe of the best remedies are:-

Ice - Ice or cold water when rubbed on skin burns can give a cooling relief. It acts as an inflammatory substance and helps in reducing the pain. Ice or cold water is the immediate ailment used for skin burns. A lot of ice rubbed can also be harmful tp the akin as ut may leave scars and rashes. But if you are home then it is the easiest available method to relieve pain.

Honey - Honey also possess anti inflamatory properties and soothes skin burns. Honey is also said to lighten scars that are caused due to skin burn. Therefore, applying a little honey on skin burns is a good remedy for skin burns.

Vinegar - Vinegar is a water like substance that has cooling properties. It has healing properties for skin burns and thus is a good remedy for skin burns. But Vinegar should not be used in concentrated form. It should be diluted with water and than applied on the skin burn with a cloth or cotton.

Aloevera - Aloe has a lot of benefits but one of the best applications are for skin burns. It has anti inflammatory properties too and also avoids formation of scars due to the skin burn. Aloe can be eithe directly applied or the gel extracts should be used. In any manner used, Aloe is an effectuve soothing agent and remedy for skin burns.

Henna - Out of all the medicine uses of Henna, treating skin burns is one of them. Henna is very cool and reduces swelling of skin due to burns. Henna can be either used as a paste or in powder form. It is one of the best used remedies for skin burn.

Turmeric - Turmeric has both anti inflammatory as well as antiseptic properties. Therefore, turmeric is a very good remedial measure for skin burns. The burns do not swell up when turmeric is being used. Turmeric can be mixed with oils for a more effective treatment.

Ailments and Moisturiser - If the burning sensation prevails then on should use moisturisers or skin ailments that reduces these burning sensations and provides a cooling effect on the skin. These are easily available in medical stores.

If any of the above remedies do not work well and the pain prevails than you must immediately go to see a doctor. Ignorance can lead to serious injuries that sould leave scars on the skin and damage the texture of skin. Staying careful and taking proper measures for skin burn is very essential.



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