Party make-up trends

Follow the latest beauty looks off the ramp to dazzle at Christmas and New Year parties. Kasmin Fernandes suggests the quickest ways to achieve them.

Quick 30-second trick:

Line the rims of your eyes with black pencil. Using a stiff eyeshadow brush, apply violet or purple shadow on the lower lid. Smudge it with a sponge. Paint your lips a soft pink, and you're set for the party!

Disco hair

Curly and larger-than-life disco hair, that was a rage in the 1970s, has made a comeback this season. To get this retro hairstyle, back-comb your mane from the roots, and tease it till it fluffs up. Do a side parting, and secure with bobby pins.

1940s pin roll twist

To get the modern version of the 1940s pin roll twist, divide hair into two sections and tie up the bottom half with a band. Using a hair net, roll the upper half into a coil that resembles a fringe. Hold it in place with wiry pins.

Ombre hair colour

Dubbed the biggest hair colour trend of this season, ombre is a two-tone effect achieved through a lighter shade at the tip of your locks. Unless you're very fairskinned, avoid blonde and pink highlights. Browns and deep reds are suitable for Indian skin tones.

1960s glam revisited

Channel a classic 1960s pin-up with red matte lips, a winged eyeliner and a stroke of brown eye pencil on the lower lid for softness. Keep your hair messy; tie it up loosely with a silk scarf in a bold colour, knotted at the crown of your head.

Wine ombre lips

Ombre (two-tone) adds fullness and dimension to lips. Vamp it up with a wine ombre pout. With a brush, apply a deep wine lipstick to the centre of your lower lip and smudge it with the top lip. Apply a lighter wine colour around it and merge lightly with your fingertip.

Warm & dusky eyes

Make-up artists are looking beyond greens and blues for seductive eyes. Pick shadows in warm shades like rust, deep orange and copper. Use the same warm colour on both eyelids. Keep the lips pale and the eyebrows thick and dark.

Gothic smokey eyes

To get the gothic vixen version of smokey eyes seen on catwalks in three minutes, apply grey shadow all over the upper eyelid, smudge charcoal kohl on both lids with the tips of your fingers.

Braided front headband

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence rocked this hairdo in her latest film, Hunger Games: Catching Fire. To do it yourself, start braiding a section of your locks loosely above one ear as close to the forehead as possible. Finish the plait (it will resemble a milkmaid braid) at the back of your neck. Combine it with the rest of your hair into a low ponytail or bun.

Tangerine pout

Tangerine orange is one of the hottest shades for the lips on runways right now. But if it's too dramatic for you to pull off, pick an orange-red lipstick. Orange with a hint of red suits most Indian complexions. If you can't find the desired shade, apply a subtle coat of red lip colour over orange lipstick and blend lightly.


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