Best Way To Lose Weight with PCOS

Fertility issues have always dealt a drastic blow on women and their marital life. PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is one of female issues that not only reduces fertility in women, but also leaves behind side effects such as excess growth of facial hair, acne, enhanced depression and weight gain.

According to research studies conducted on PCOS weight gain problems and the syndrome, it is found that women can overcome the syndrome by losing weight effectively.

Overcoming challenges is not an easy task, but you need to give it a try at least. In order to lose weight with PCOS, you need determination and strength to understand its effect on your body and life, and face it.

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The syndrome is usually hereditary, and there are fifty-fifty chances that you have received it in your genes. However, no matter whether hereditary or not, you can fight it and lead a healthy fertile life.

The syndrome can affect any woman who has not crossed the menopause stage. Some of the causes include changing hormone levels and insulin. Weight gain is the primary concern associated with PCOS, and you can overcome it with least difficulty.

You can lose weight with PCOS provided you know the right steps to achieve it. Here are some best ways to shed those extra calories for women with PCOS problems.

Control Your Diet

A normal diet plan may not be suitable due to the syndrome. Hence, you need to consult your physician and discuss about the best food to consume to keep the syndrome in control. Controlling your diet with eventually help you control your weight.

Prepare a Diet Plan

 If you want to lose weight with PCOS, you need to know that the syndrome is linked with resistance to insulin. You will need to follow up on a low carb diet consisting of lean meats, white bread, vegetables, etc., that allows you to achieve the desired weight loss.

Make it Small, but Nutritious

If you have a diet plan to lose weight with PCOS ready, then make sure that the food included in it provides you the needed nutrition while on diet. Pay special attention to food with high glycemic index value as it can enhance your body resistance towards insulin.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can work wonders on your body if you want to lose weight with PCOS. Indulge in aerobic and cardiovascular exercises that help you burn more calories. Also, make sure to do light weight muscle exercises so as to avoid an extra muscular figure.

Added Medical Help

 While dealing with PCOS problems, you might need to consult your physician regarding medication with regards to the syndrome. Taking the needed medication can help you control hormonal imbalances and resistance to insulin, thereby aiding you in an effective weight loss.

Avoid the Barriers

 If you really want to lose weight with PCOS, you have to stay away from smoking and crash diets. Studies have showed that smoking can increase insulin and testosterone levels in the body, thereby, increasing weight gain. Also, strict calorie restriction can hinder your overall health.

Stick to your Diet

The last and the most important step to lose weight with PCOS is to stick to your diet plan. Experimenting with a new diet plan while already on a diet can change the results. PCOS is not too hard to control and overcome, provided you are a determined person and ready to work hard to witness the results. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle and do consult and follow up with your physician to keep track of your PCOS problems regularly.



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