Benefits of coconut oil

If you are already struggling with dry skin and hair, a jar of coconut oil could be your best friend this winter. Its light texture, moisturizing properties and easy availability makes it one of the best remedies to all your winter woes. It is a known fact that coconut oil is one of the most effective makeup removers.

Regular use of coconut oil on body not only helps to lighten the skin, but also helps you get rid of scars and dark patches. Use it for before or after bath massage during the winter months and it won't harm if you forget to apply your body cream. Its benefits as an excellent hair tonic has been trusted on since ages in Indian households.

A massage with warm coconut oil brings back the lost shine and makes hair soft and manageable. Mix it with a few drops of lemon juice and it helps in fighting dandruff and an itchy scalp. So what are you waiting? You have the answer, now!


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