Use old scrap for chic interiors

There's more you can do with your interiors; use old scrap to make pretty home decor items. Simi Kuriakose tells you how...

We have moved into an era where all people can think is about going green. Recycling is passe. The trend that has made a buzz now is upcycling, that is, reusing vintage products such that you can make it into something of a higher value.

Basically, it is about using products for a little more time before there is place in the landfill so it can be discarded. Though greentailing is not all that hyped up in India as it is abroad, it sure has grabbed many an eyeball. Gone are the days, when all that youth could think of is draining their brains. A lot of our youngsters are making a business out of recycling and well, what's better when you can both make money and tell mother nature that you care.

Upcycling, like mentioned earlier, is quite a rage in the West, especially when it comes to home decor. But fret not! For all of you who like trying out and customising goods at home, here are some fun ideas for you to try out yourself at home:

1. Bind your old hard cover books together (side by side), such that it looks like a plank. You can use this as a book shelf and place them on your wall. This is a funky way of upcycling.

2. To get that rustic look, you can use cane sieves (the ones with which your moms and mom-in-laws sieve rice in) to make it into a photo-frame. How? Well, just paint them in funky
ways, give them different strokes with different hues and you can paste your photographs on them before placing them on the wall. You could also make a photo wall, by placing many sieves in different angles (like if you place one horizontally, place the other vertically and otherwise).

3. Use your old coasters as a wall hanging. Use colourful ribbons or threads to tie up the coasters after they're painted in your style, and then place them on your wall. You could do the same with your tea sieves, by painting them up and hanging them on the wall.

4. Radhika Khaitan, who is an upcycler herself, says you can use old baked beans tins, or beer bottle tins in many ways. Clean the tins up and paint it to use it as a flower vase. She also says that you can stack many a newspaper together, glue them up together and cut them such that they make pretty coasters.

5. Take small boxes, glue up your favourite magazine articles on them, and also sequence the edges to use it as a showpiece for your desk.

6. Another upcycler, Suren Vikhash U says, "You can use tetra pack containers to make pen stands by cutting them partially in the middle. This is a good and easy way to upcycle."

7. Use your old cartons and boxes, paint them or cover them up with colourful paper, place sequins on them, and use the end-product as a magazine or newspaper holder.

These are just some simple methods you can use to make your home decor look both classy and eco-friendly.

Well, there are a lot more ways to do the same and customise your home decor according to your personal style. After all, your home should reflect your personality and what better way to do up your interiors your way.



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