How to wear hot pink lipstick

Not everyone likes pink lip colour. But what do you do when you have to wear it because your dress demands it?

Though this colour cannot be your everyday wear, if you take the right steps, it's possible to rock hot pink lips without looking completely over-the-top! Follow these rules and go ahead:

- Keep is simple. With such a bright lip colour, you'll want to make sure you go easy on the eye makeup, especially if you're planning to wear it during daytime.

- Less is more. Keep the blush to a minimal. Too much pink on your face isn't going to be a good look for anyone! If you do wear blush, try selecting a nude colour.

- Get your undertone right. When choosing a lipstick, you'll want to select one with blue undertone if you have cooler skin, and if you have warm undertone, then you're better suited for something more orange or red-based.

- Many people will tell you that fair-skinned can't pull off bright pink shades, but this obviously isn't true.

- Test it out before you buy. It's always a good idea to try lipsticks before you buy them.



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