Doing up a home with white walls

The simple, stark colour in your home throws up a canvas of decorating possibilities, say interior experts to Ismat Tahseen

If you have just moved into a home that's completely white, you have just got yourself a spacious oasis as a monochromatic palette opens up to several design possibilities. While it's fun to try and bring in your own style and theme to the home, here are a few suggestions to choose from...

1. Minimal furniture look
'Don't clutter it too much, just because it's a plain colour' is the mantra. Says interiors specialist Mohit Nishar, "Depending on the size of the living room, you have a single sofa with maybe a few poofs. The idea is to keep it less, so it looks more spacious and so that visualisation is much better. You may also have a coffee table and chairs or a bookshelf."

2. Say it with pictures
A great way to add a warm touch to a white home, is to have one of the walls in a neutral shade like beige, suggests interior designer Ketki Passi. "I have done this in quite a few home and it has turned out looking lovely. Let one of the walls go into a light cream or coffee shade and on that you can hang a few family pictures - these can be holiday snapshots too, or even put up canvas paintings instead in abstract designs. This way, you haven't shifted much from your white design angle but have used the colour well. A good tip is to use an ethnic touch on picture frames like brass instead of wood or go for ones in different shapes like square, rectangle etc."

3. Stylishly cut staircase
A staircase is always an interesting element in a home and when it's in a white surrounding, a good idea is to use one with a 'projected steps in the wall' effect, says architect Milind Pai. "It's called a stringer staircase and since it is in wood, it can break the monotony of whiteness in a room, creating a contrast and balance, adding warmth to it. This kind of staircase also blends with the floor," he adds.

4. Accessorise
If you have a single colour, there's more reason to go vivid with your imagination when it comes to accessories, feels interior designer Bijal Kothari. "You can have bright red cushions, rugs and a nice carpet. If the sofa is white too, add red and white cushions to it or if you have a plain wall with a window, add some floral curtains to it. You can also go for heavy curtains in stripes or geometric designs," she says.

5. Go floral
Flowers are perhaps the easiest way to bring the season into your home. "Go for bright bouquets - reds and yellows interspersed with white ones to add a great contrast to the surrounding white space," hints architect and interiors expert Aniket Bagul. "Just a single vase on a centre table adds a nice touch. You can also tie the vase with satin ribbon to add a rich effect to it. Try a combination of full petalled flowers like roses or lilies with some draping greenery. Today, you get a variety of plant holders such as marble pots, terra cotta holders and other coloured glass vases to choose from."



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