Do up that corner at home

Often the most neglected place in a house, a corner, can be made interesting. Find out how...

Simple can be pretty too
Instead of dumping unwanted things in a corner one can utilize the space to give an interesting look to your home. A simple table lamp with your favourite things arranged around it can make a statement. A digital photo frame, a goldfish bowl, a bronze statuette, etc., that you really like, can give the corner a personal touch.

Living on the edge
Who says you need to place sofa sets along the walls? Your living room can look fantastic with a custom-made sofa, that is L-shaped or just hogs one corner. With the help of interestingly shaped cushions (tiny spherical ones, or bigger cube-shaped ones) you can make it look even better. Large artifacts can be placed on one side of the sofa and tables of different heights placed in front can make the decor appealing. If your living room has a stunning view to match, then you sure have a winner!

Bedded to perfection
You can place your bed diagonally in the room leaving the corner for some artistic expressions. This is quite an unusual way to place a bed and you have this luxury only if your bedroom is really large. This kind of a placement helps in giving the room a three dimensional look and thereby enhances the feeling of it being more spacious than it actually is. A colourful durrie on the floor in front of the bed adds a warmth to the wooden floor of the room.



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