De-clutter for a better future

Clutter in our homes can cause a lot of anxiety as it is in our face everyday, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Here is the most obvious stuff to start with:

1. Clean out your kitchen getting rid of old utensils, out of date appliances and anything that is out of date.

2. Clean your wardrobe and discard clothes that you have not used for at least six months. Chances are that you will never use them any more. Without wasting any time give the stuff to charity and don't store it somewhere else.

3. Throw away dirty, unused bed-sheets and towels.

4. Remove piles of rubbish that can be chucked out or recycled. Basically chuck anything that is broken, damaged, dirty or annoys you to the point of becoming an eye-sore.

5. Discard anything you constantly look at with regret or anything you bought in the wrong colour or size.

6. Junk your under garments that's seen better days, go for the most stylish ones.

7. Throwaway anything you constantly look at with regret, anything you bought in the wrong colour or size.

8. Don't hesitate or feel guilty in getting rid of gifts you received but don't really like them, you don't have to keep them.

9. Clear off your "to read" list of books in your bookshelf if you didn't get past the first chapter. It is guaranteed that you will never ever read them. It makes more sense in giving them to underprivileged and needy people who can't afford to buy books.



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