5 ways to avoid getting sick

Staying healthy and high spirited isn't that difficult. Here are a few surprising and simple ways to avoid getting unhealthy

1. Go for sauna

This time, instead of the usual manicure and pedicure, go for sauna. Saunas are not only a way to detox but they also help you get over a cold quicker by opening your sinus passages and helping you breathe easily. Moreover, they can also reduce the occurrence of colds.

2. Plug in a humidifier

Dry air is a downer and in many cases an ideal environment for a virus to thrive. To combat an arid environment or an illness, plug in a humidifier and you'll certainly feel better.

3. Get kissing

While you may not wish to lock lips with your loved one when he/she has cold, but do not miss any opportunity to pucker up when you both are healthy. When you and your partner swap spit, you're exposing yourself to each other's germs, which helps strengthen your immunity.

4. Listen to some tunes

The benefits of music are beyond your imagination. It reduces stress, improves memory and also boosts immunity. So if you just considered music as sound, it's time you change your opinion and start listening to music that really moves you.

5. Gargle

Your mother or grandmother must have surely advised you to gargle with salt water to ease the pain of a sore throat sometime or the other, but yes, it works. Studies say that gargling with tap water a few times a day keeps cold miles away.



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