Remove Kajal Stains From Under The Eyes

Remove Kajal Stains From Under The Eyes
Kajal or Kohl is nowadays an essential makeup accessory for women. Right from an ordinary housewife to a celebrity star, each one has a Kajal handy for use. It helps make the eyes look bold and beautiful. Kajal can also be used for a glamour party as well as a simple dinner date.

 Though Kajal is now very popular, it does has some problems. The major being is the smudging of kajal spoiling the under eye skin. The kajal spreads to stain the under eye skin which spoils the full appearance. And it becomes difficult to remove the kajal once it spreads on the skin. It spoils the face and makes the under eye look dark and unhealthy.

To avoid smudging and spreading of kajal one should use a smudge free kajal and should be careful when applying kajal. Even after cautious application, if the kajal smudges, there are a few methods that can be tried to remove those stains. Some of them are as listed below:

"Rosewater"- To effectively remove the kajal stains from the under eye skin, take a cotton piece and dip it in rosewater. Now, gently press this cotton under the skin and wipe off the kajal stain. Rosewater is a good cleanser and removes the stains clearing the skin.

"Moisturizer"- Any face cream or moisturizer can be used to clean kajal stains from the under eye skin. Apply some moisturizer with the tip of your finger in the area where the kajal is smudged. Let it stay for some time and then wipe it off with cotton. The kajal stains get wiped off with the moisturizer, thus cleaning the skin.

"Cleansing Milk"- Cleansing milk is also a great option for cleaning kajal stains. Similar to rosewater, use a cotton piece dipped in cleansing milk and wipe it in the area where the kajal has smudged. Cleansing milk is very effective and also mild on the skin.

"Facewash"- Facewash not only helps to clean the kajal stains but also will the clean the whole face. Use a good facewash and rub it gently under the eye to remove the spread kajal. Wash it and wipe with a clean towel.

"Cotton Wipes"- For instant and temporary removal of kajal stains, use a wet cotton wipe. Take the edge of the wipe in your finger and carefully wipe the excess kajal on the skin. This can be done when the kajal gets smudged or spreads and you cannot use any other remedial measures. Tissue paper dipped in water can also be used instead of the wet wipes.

So the next time you are in a party and your kajal wears off, do keep some tissues or wet wipes in your purse. Also, do not sleep before removing the kajal stains from the skin. Use any of the above methods and take care of your skin.



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