Peas and Pumpkin Soup

Peas and Pumpkin Soup

•Frozen green peas 1 cup
•Red pumpkin (bhopla/kaddu),peeled and sliced 100 grams
•Butter 2 tablespoons
•Vegetable stock 2 1/2 cups
•Salt to taste
•Black pepper powder to taste
•Nutmeg powder a pinch
•Milk 1/4 cup
•Red capsicum,roasted and puréed 1 small
•Parsley a sprig


Heat 1 tbsp butter in a non stick pan, add green peas. Add 1 cup vegetable stock and cook. Heat 1 tbsp in another non stick pan and add pumpkin slices and saute. Add salt and black pepper powder to both the pans. Cook peas for 2 minutes.

Add nutmeg powder and 1 cup vegetable stock to the pumpkin, cover and cook till soft. Put the peas into a mixer jar, add ¼ cup milk and puree. Put the puree into the pan. Rinse the mixer jar with ¼ cup stock and add to the pan. When it comes to a boil pour the soup into a soup tureen.

When the pumpkin softens, puree it with a ¼ cup stock. Pour both the soups into a soup bowl from opposite sides simultaneously. Place a blob of roasted and pureed red capsicum in the center. With the point of a knife draw thin rays all around. Garnish with parsley and serve hot.



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